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Antiviral essential oil 30 ml Vanila

Antiviral essential oil 30 ml Vanila
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Option image Antiviral essential oil 30 ml Vanila
Product code: Vanila
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Essential vanilla oil is an oily liquid with a characteristic balsamic-vanilla, sweet warm smell. Is extracted from the pods of the plant. The value of the product is very persistent aroma, which is very slowly eroding. The rich composition of vanilla oil is still not fully understood. Today it is isolated more than 150 different compounds and components, of which approximately 1.3% and 2.9% is the vanilla.


Essential oil of vanilla is not toxic, non-allergenicity, but may not be appropriate from the point of view of personal endurance.

Cosmetic properties


In the pharmaceutical and perfume industry it is used as a flavoring, especially when blended Oriental fragrances. In cosmetics gives the following effects:


 Removes irritation.

 Relieves rashes of nervous origin.

 Improves skin elasticity.

 Softens the skin.

 Reduces inflammation and redness.

 Whitens the skin and nails.

 Gives emotional energy.

 Eliminates anxiety.

 Harmonizes emotions.

 Eliminates insomnia.




 Creams for face and body.

 The shower gels.


 Mask for the face.

 Bombs and salt mixture for the bath.

 A mixture of massage.

The deodorants.




Method of application


 The recommended percentage of input is 0.1 – 2%.

 For children and the elderly the dosage is reduced by 2-5 times.

 Norm input – 1 to 3 drops per 100 ml of foundations or cosmetics.

 Enter should only be chilled to prevent evaporation.

 When applied to the skin causes a sensation of cold, but only for 1-2 minutes. When you use must be diluted with a carrier oil.

 Vanilla goes well with balsamic aromas, with sandalwood.

 Keep essential oil in a dark, cool, dry place in tightly closed containers.

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