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Apricot kernel oil 120 ml

Apricot kernel oil 120 ml
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Product Code: Apricot kernel oil
Option image Apricot kernel oil 120 ml
Product code: Apricot kernel oil
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The oil from apricot kernels

The oil of apricot seeds is extracted by cold pressing. It is used as a basis (base) for the different conventional oils or essential. It color is light yellow and clear with not much aroma. The consistency of oil tend to be liquid and slightly viscous.

The composition of the oil from the apricot seed similar to a peach and almond that also apply to the major. These oils are not diluted with anything that is used in pure form. Apricot oil contains such useful components as:

 Vitamins a, C, e, F that are beneficial to the entire human body;
 Polyunsaturated fatty acids;
 Mineral substances: iron, cobalt, copper (contribute to hematopoiesis);
 Triglycerides in large quantities;
 Natural wax, stearine, pectin, enzymes and other components.

The oil from apricot kernels is also used as masks for the face, body and hair. For the face and body a tool very useful. Because it is rich in its beneficial components, softens, nourishes and moisturizes. Also involved in stimulating elastin, collagen, enhances regenerative properties of the skin and improves color, giving a healthy appearance and many more.

It is worth to note that apricot kernel oil for hair is equally important, especially for dry, brittle and lifeless. It nourishes and moisturizes the hair, and also rebukes the movement of blood that nourishes the hair follicles more nutrients and oxygen. Apricot oil for hair is helpful in that it strengthens hair, eliminates breakage, and gives a freshness to the color, elasticity, Shine, removes dandruff and prevents the negative effects of UV light on them. Use the oil can by adding it into shampoo and conditioner (100 mll/20 drops).

Apricot oil can be used in pure form or in mixture with other vegetable oils in different proportions, depending on the reason and purpose. Non-toxic.

Used in pure form as a massage oil for adults and infants or as a base for essential oils (10 ml apricot kernel oil 1-2 drops of essential oil). Helps eliminate dry patches, rashes, inflammation on the skin.

Used against cellulite and coarsening of the skin.

Apricot oil can be used in pure form or in combination with other vegetable oils. On the areas of skin problem to apply tissues, and help to eliminate spots on the skin, fatigue (tired skin), wrinkles.

Use for anointing the body after bath or shower. Softens the skin, promotes regeneration of damaged skin, eliminates peeling and redness.

Individual intolerance of apricot kernel oil.

Storage conditions: 1 year. Store in a tightly closed dark container at room temperature. After opening store in the refrigerator. Keep away from heat and light.

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