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Castor oil 120 ml

Castor oil 120 ml
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Product Code: Castor oil
Option image Castor oil 120 ml
Product code: Castor oil
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We know, we know, the phrase “castor oil” sounds like something from your grandmother’s medicine cabinet.  However, this is exactly the case when the grandmother was right: this oil has such an impressive list of advantages that even expensive hair masks respectfully take off the hat.

  Prevents brittleness and cross-section of the tips.
  Strengthens the very structure of the hair.
  It makes hair smooth and shiny.

 And all this under one condition - castor oil must be used regularly: either in pure form, or as part of care products.
 Castor Oil Composition
 The secret to the effectiveness of castor oil is actually not a secret at all.  It's all about its composition: the oil is almost 90% composed of rare ricinoleic acid, which strengthens the hair follicles.  In addition to her, they fight for the health of your curls:

  Oleic acid - seals moisture inside the hair and prevents dryness and brittleness.

  Stearic acid - repairs damage (including split ends).

  Linoleic acid - normalizes fat balance, has anti-inflammatory effects.

  Palmitic acid - strengthens the roots and prevents hair loss.

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