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Creed Viking

Creed Viking
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Brand: Creed
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Eau de Parfum
by Creed
Viking Eau de Parfum can be attributed to the traditional citrus aromas for men in aromatherapy style. This relatively new perfume, released in 2017 by perfumer Olivier Creed, is neither gourmet nor sweet; lavender with peppermint is soloed in it.
The name itself obliges one to find arrogance and the spirit of adventurism in perfume:
like fire and ice, pepper burns, while mint and citrus cool with their comfortable notes and give a feeling of cheerfulness. This passionate fragrance is for those, who are impressed by the classic in men's perfumery, and at the same time want to relax from tonka beans and sweet fruit accents.
This fragrance was originally full of grassy shades of black currant, fresh citrus bergamot chords, and spicy notes of oriental pink pepper. Wet wood with its astringent aroma penetrates the very core of the perfume, harmoniously complementing the composition of spicy honey rose with sea salt and a spicy fruity echo. Creed Viking is woven from delicate creamy woody shades of sandalwood, a delicate aroma of ambergris, and a bitter hint of sea salt.
The rich aroma carries the inspiration of marine romance, long voyages, amazing adventures. Creed Viking is ideal for strong, courageous people without compromise. Creed Viking will be the highlight of an important evening “campaign” of a real man.
Aroma Group: Woody, Aromatic
Top notes: Bergamot, Pink Pepper, Lemon
Middle notes: Mint, Damask rose, Pink pepper
Base notes: Sandalwood, Vetiver, Patchouli, Lavender

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