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D.S. & Durga Notorious Oud 100ml

D.S. & Durga Notorious Oud 100ml
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Brand: D.S. & Durga
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Product Code: UP735899277577
Option image D.S. & Durga Notorious Oud 100ml
Product code: UP735899277577
With Notorious Oud, D.S. & Durga pay tribute to one of the greatest legends to ever emerge from their home borough of Brooklyn- Christopher Wallace, better known as The Notorious B.I.G. But if you think the inspiration is merely surface level, you\\\'re dead wrong- like the charming, rough-edged, impossibly clever rhymes of Frank White himself, Notorious Oud showcases a versatile and often misunderstood fragrant ingredient with the type of irreverent panache that leaves competitors sputtering like the Madd Rapper.\ \ \ \ Biggie references aside, how does Notorious Oud actually smell? Start with the oud itself, a rich Indonesian specimen (\\\"smell the Indonesia, \\\"\" as the great man once rapped) with a robust balance of smoky, earthy, and animalic tones. Afghani saffron and white galbanum enhance the green, spicy energy, while a lush Bulgarian rose feels as smooth and suave as Big Poppa. We could go on, but we\\\'ll leave you instead with one last Biggie quote to capture how we feel about Notorious Oud: \\\"\"Stay far from timid/only make moves when your heart\\\'s in it/and live the phrase sky\\\'s the limit...\\\"\"\"

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