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Hemp oil 120 ml

Hemp oil 120 ml
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Hemp oil is used as a high quality vegetable oil for filling all kinds of salads and other cold vegetable dishes. Successfully used for frying on the grill, frying pan, in marinades and sauces. This is a wonderful useful vegetable oil is made according to the latest vitamin-preserving technology from hemp seeds. In the production of hemp oil is cold-pressed not applicable oil treatment with alkali and extraction method, is not used hexane fraction, uses no chemical additives and dyes. Its molecules are kept "alive" and natural. Made in this way oils are most valuable for the nutritional and medicinal properties, they preserve all the necessary and useful elements and vitamins, which are very well accepted by live cells.


 cleanses the body of harmful cholesterol and boosts immunity
 increases the body's resistance to infectious diseases
 favors the excretion of excess cholesterol
 cleans the blood vessels, thins the blood and thus prevents the formation of blood clots, which cause strokes

Recommendations for use:
This oil is recommended:

- in diseases of the prostate
- in diseases of the genital organs
- in diseases of the bladder and kidneys
- in diseases of the heart and blood vessels (atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease)
- in the treatment of catarrh of the upper respiratory tract
- in chronic and acute bronchitis, broncosfan
Individual sensitivity to some components.

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