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Jasmine essential oil 30 ml

Jasmine essential oil 30 ml
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Jasmine oil is one of the most expensive and the most important essential oils used in perfumery. Powerful aphrodisiac.
Therapeutic effect

Harmonizes both male and female hormonal system.
Cosmetic effect

Improves the condition of all skin types. Eliminates dryness, irritation, high reactivity to external stimuli, stress spots. Gives a soft bleaching effect. Refreshes and rejuvenates, forms a homogeneous color of the skin. Jasmine oil is used to increase elasticity of the skin, to remove stretch marks and small "fresh" scars. Eliminates itching.

Psycho-emotional effects: helps with depression, relieves insomnia and feelings of fear, elevates mood, strengthens self confidence, encourages creativity, inspires a feeling of euphoria and love, enhances sensuality. Has a sedative effect, allowing for complete and deep relaxation.

Erotic stimulant, eliminates sexual frigidity and impotence. Stimulates blood circulation in the pelvic organs. Increases sexual desire, liberating, shy nature, enhances mutual understanding of partners.

Composition: 10% Jasmine essential oil, 90% jojoba oil
Methods of use:

 Oil burner: 3-7 K. 15 m2.
 Bath: 4-7 to (required to pre-mix with emulsifier: 100-200 g. Or sea salt)
 Sauna: 5-6 K. on 15 m2.
 Massage: 3-7 K. 15 g carrier oil.
 Enrichment of cosmetics: K. 1-5, 10 g; base (cream, shampoo...)
 Aromamedalony: 1-2 K.

Precautions: individual intolerance. Do not apply in the first 5 months of pregnancy. Be used with caution in low blood pressure.

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