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Lavender essential oil 30 ml

Lavender essential oil 30 ml
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The therapeutic effect of lavender oil:

Lavender can safely be called the number one tool in any first aid kit. In the tradition of Ayurveda relates to the element of Air. Tastes spicy. Slightly cools. This is one of the best oils for children. Lavender oil is a broad spectrum of activity with minimal toxicity. Eases pain in bruises, rheumatic pain. The antispasmodic. Strengthens the body's resistance to infectious diseases. Facilitates the flow of colds, sore throats. Copes with burns.
Cosmetic effect

Suitable for all skin types, especially for sensitive and tired skin. Is one of the best remedies in acne: disinfect inflammation, balance sebum production (sebum) and however heals wounds and restores skin. Has a refreshing, renewing, regenerating effect. Eliminates redness, irritation, swelling, itching, scaling and inflammation. Oil is used to care for damaged hair: eliminates dandruff, breakage and excessive hair loss.
Psycho-emotional impact

Improve attention, reduce errors, increase memory for numbers. Essential lavender oil has a balancing effect on the nervous system: relieves tension, helps with exhaustion, depression, hysteria, melancholy Helps to cope with panic attacks. This essential oil is effective in aggression, irritability, anxiety, fear, hyperactivity in children.

Lavender essential oil is a common remedy in many pharmacies and stores. It is considered one of the best to use for children, as the oil has the lowest toxicity. Use of this tool in the oil burner allows you to improve the quality of sleep. Also, the oil reduces pain, relieves swelling of the joints. For this is enough from 5 to 10 drops of ether to mix well with the tablespoon of olive oil and RUB into problem area of the body.

Lavender oil is also used to relieve stress. With the medical side helps to cope with high blood pressure and normalizes heart rhythm. Also has a beneficial effect on the alignment of the pulse and eliminates the pain in the heart.

In cosmetics the oil is a good effect on the scalp preventing hair loss, is a good remedy against dandruff and also promotes hair growth. It is especially useful for those who have oily they are. Also useful for dry hair. And these are just some positive aspects of lavender essential oil.We suggest paying attention to a wider range of its effects:

  Helps fight headaches
  relieves unpleasant sensation with insect bites;
  good diuretic;
  Lavender essential oils are used for intimate hygiene;
  also a good remedy against moths;
  the risk of stroke and atherosclerosis is reduced;
  promotes skin regeneration and has a healing effect;
  elimination of acne.

 Lavender oil is used for massage, added to the bath, inhalations are also carried out and cosmetics are enriched with this product.  A precaution is that you can not use this tool during pregnancy.  Oil storage period: 2 years at room or cool temperature.
 Ways of application:

  Aroma lamps: 3-7 K. on 15 m2.
  Baths: 4-7 k (must be pre-mixed with an emulsifier: 100-200 gr. Sea or table salt)
  Saunas: 5-6 K. on 15 m2.
  Massage: 3-7 K. on 15 g of transport oil.
  Enrichment of cosmetics: 1-5 K. per 10 g of base (cream, shampoo ...)
  Aromatic medallions: 1-2 to.

 Compress for badly healing wounds and skin care: 12 drops of lavender per 100 ml of distilled water.  Moisten a sterile cloth, put on the affected area.
 Security measures

 Individual intolerance.  Caution must be exercised with very low blood pressure.  An overdose of lavender can cause insomnia.  Do not use in the first 5 months of pregnancy.

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