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Lemongrass essential oil 30ml restores vitality

Lemongrass essential oil 30ml restores vitality
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Option image Lemongrass essential oil 30ml restores vitality
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The psycho-emotional effect of lemongrass: refreshes, eliminates the feeling of fatigue, loss of vitality.  Promotes concentration of attention, optimizes mental activity, the ability to remember, improves performance, adapts to external conditions.

 Ways of application:

 Aroma lamp: 3-7 K. per 15 m2.

 Bathtubs: 4-7 kg (must be pre-mixed with an emulsifier: 100-200 g of sea or table salt)

 Saunas: 5-6 K. 15 m2 each.

 Massage: 3-7 K. per 15 g of transport oil.

 Enrichment of cosmetics: 1-5 K. per 10 g of base (cream, shampoo ...)

 Aromatic medallions: 1-2 to.

 Security measures: individual intolerance.  Do not use more than 14 days continuously.  May cause short-term reduction in vocal cords, sore throat, and hoarseness.  Do not use throughout pregnancy for children under 7 years of age.

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