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Linen oil 120 ml

Linen oil 120 ml
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Why is linseed oil useful?

It contains polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6, vitamin E and other vitamins, a whole complex of minerals. In addition, linseed oil is one of the record holders for the content of lignans - special substances that help fight oxidative stress, have a protective effect on the liver and even have antitumor activity.

What ailments can linseed oil help for?

The beneficial properties of flaxseed oil can be enumerated for a long time. Its healing effect has been known since ancient times. Today, the great benefits of flaxseed oil for the body are proven by research results. It is used both for medicinal purposes and for the prevention of various ailments. Frequent consumption of flaxseed oil helps to improve the perception of insulin in diabetes, to reduce the severity of inflammation in diseases of the joints, allergic reactions; lowering cholesterol levels in atherosclerosis, maintaining normal blood pressure, reducing the risk of blood clots in the vessels. Regular consumption of flaxseed oil also helps to maintain a healthy nervous system, visual acuity and improve bowel function.

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