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Peppermint essential oil 30 ml

Peppermint essential oil 30 ml
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Peppermint oil

Essential oil of mint is in a flourishing element of the plant. Its tip and the leaves contain esters that perfectly tone up and refresh. Also outgoing pleasant smell of peppermint can improve mood, positively affecting the nervous system. If you want to be in good shape and efficiently to restore power, use peppermint oil. After all, its aromas invigorate and help to tune into a working file. Presented tool also helps in the treatment of colds and efficiently has an effect on the respiratory system, including eliminating nasal congestion, and facilitates getting rid of headaches.

Peppermint oil the price is not high. But the effectiveness of this tool is surprising. After all it will extend not only to medicine but also used in cosmetic medicine. So hair care with the use of the presented tools helps in normalizing the moisture balance and elasticity, oily strands.

Peppermint oil is involved in the opposition to the development of acne and helps to normalize the secretion of the sebaceous glands of the skin. Purchase this oil and forget about what the black dots, also preventing their reappearance.

People who suffer sea sickness, very often can not do without the help of peppermint oil, which helps to remove the vomit, the head will not be spinning and nausea. Mint is also contained in the composition of many medicines, for normalization of work of heart.

Represented oil is the easiest remedy of all others, which contains menthol. Due to the composition, it is perfect for any skin type.

Peppermint oil contains in its composition, carvacrol, menthol, pinene, terpinene, methylacetate, cineol, phellandrene, limonene, thymol, neomenthol.
How to apply

 In an aromatic lamp: add 3-7 drops of 15 m2
 Bath: 4-7 drops, pre-mixed with the emulsifier (sea or table salt) in the amount of 100-200 g
 For the procedure of massage: 3-7 drops of 15 g of conventional oil
 For sauna: 5-6 drops of 15 m2
 For enrichment of cosmetics: add 1-5 drops per 10 g of cream or shampoo
 For medallion: add 1-2 drops.


 When deciding to buy peppermint oil for the first time, make sure that the absence of individual intolerance;
 It is unacceptable for application to the skin children under 7 years, since mint irritates her too;
 In infants can cause irritation and overstimulation of the nervous system;
 In severe colds and neurasthenia may experience exacerbation;
 Before buying homeopathic medicines should know about the interaction with mint because it neutralizes the effects of most funds;
 Prohibited for pregnant women and nursing mothers;
 You should avoid getting oil on the skin around the eyes.

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