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Rose Damask Essential Oil 30 ml

Rose Damask Essential Oil 30 ml
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Traditional use

Rose was probably the first plant, which began to obtain oil by distillation. For the first time took up Avicenna (Ibn Sina), Arab physician who lived in the X century. The plant was very popular in the East. The Persian warriors were decorated with red roses their shields. In the XVII century the Turkish conquerors brought the rose in Bulgaria. Has long been considered a symbol of love and purity, rose petals were scattered at weddings as wishes and key to a happy marriage. Rose served as a attribute of meditation practices and religious ceremonies.

According to legend, Saint Dominic (1170-1221) was the virgin Mary and gave him the first rosary, each bead of which was scented with roses. Scented rose oil beads are also Buddhists and Muslims. In the Middle ages, the French oil of rose added to the composition of medicinal salves, which were treated for pulmonary disease and asthma. When in the Elizabethan era in Vogue flavoured dishes, the rose scent was an absolute favorite. During the Second world war, the vitamin C was deficient, and was replaced by rose hips. In the twentieth century have consistently increased the production of oil of French rose. Today it serves as the ingredient of soap and many perfume products.

Method of production:

1. Aromatic oil is obtained by steam distillation or water from fresh petals.

2. Concrete and absolute by solvent extraction from fresh petals.

Physical characteristic:
1. Pale yellow or olive liquid liquid with a strong sweet, floral-rose, slightly spicy aroma.
2. Absolute - red-orange or olive viscous liquid with a rich spicy rose fragrance.

Main composition:
Citronellol (34-55%), phenylethanol (1,5-3%), geraniol and nerol (30-40%), stearopten (16-22%), farnesol (0.2 to 2%), etc.

Therapeutic effect: Antidepressant, antioxidant, antiseptic, choleretic, anti-TB, deodorizing, antispasmodic, healing, sedative, stomachic, tonic, adjusts menstrual cycle.

Cosmetic effect: good for all skin types, although special effect on Mature, dry, hard and sensitive skin. Hydrating and emollient properties help with inflammation, and the ability to narrow the capillaries allows the use of the oil for treatment of injuries threadlike veins.

Spiritual action: Soothes, especially in a state of depression, anger, grief, in a fit of jealousy. Dispels anxiety, relieves nervous tension and stress. Oil, of course, largely affects women, gives them confidence in themselves, faith in their own strength and charm.

Indications for use:

Is a tonic for the uterus, reduces premenstrual tension, stimulates the vaginal secretion, normalizes the menstrual cycle. Helps fight infertility (especially for men). Contributes to the solution of problems of a sexual nature. Taking inhibiting the expression of sensuality, tension and stress, stimulating the secretion of "happiness hormone" dopamine, helps women get rid of frigidity, men — to preserve the potency. Rose oil has a tonic effect on the heart, stimulates blood circulation, eliminates congestion in the heart, increases the tone of the capillaries. It normalises stomach in periods of emotional decline, due to the antiseptic and cleansing properties helps to cleanse the digestive tract. To some extent, reduces nausea, vomiting, constipation. The ancient Romans valued hangover effect of the roses is probably due to the ability to neutralize and excrete toxins. In this regard, it is possible to improve the condition if you have symptoms of jaundice. Rose oil reduces pain in sore throat, eases cough.

Safety precautions: non-Toxic, does not cause irritation and allergic reactions.

Alternative application: Rose water is used as a cosmetic, as well as in cooking (especially in Persian cuisine). Essential oil, concrete and absolute are widely used in various cosmetic and perfume products. Sometimes the oil is a flavoring fruit desserts and tobacco products.

Combination: mixes Well with oils of Jasmine, Cassia, Mimosa, neroli, geranium, bergamot, lavender, Clary sage, sandalwood, guaiac wood, patchouli, benzoin, chamomile, myroxylon, clove and palmarosa.

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