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Walnut essential oil 30 ml

Walnut essential oil 30 ml
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Product code: Walnut essential oil
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Walnut oil is obtained by pressing, followed by refining from walnut kernels (Júglans régia family of nuts (Juglandaceae)).  Popular names for walnuts: Christ nut, stone nut, foreign nut.  Cultivated in Europe and Central Asia.  About ten centuries ago, the Greek merchants brought these fruits to Russia.  Since then, the name "" Greek ", or" "Greek" "has strengthened behind them.

 In the Middle Ages it was widely believed that walnuts relieve headaches, as they resemble the human brain in shape.  Even today, the name of a walnut in Afghanistan sounds charmarghz, which means "four brains."  And the ancient Greek historian Herodotus argued that the priests of Ancient Babylon forbade ordinary people to eat walnuts because they were believed to have a beneficial effect on mental activity, and this was not necessary for commoners ...

  for the care of all types of skin, especially dry;
  for sensitive and irritated skin;
  for problem skin care;
  for lip care;
  for daily care of the skin of hands and feet;
  for hair care.

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