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Wheat germ oil 1080 ml

Wheat germ oil 1080 ml
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Cosmetic effect: Regenerating, moisturizing, emollient, anti-inflammatory, healing, purifying,anti-cellulite effect.

Stimulates metabolism, normalizes the intracellular exchange and supports the functions of muscles and glands in the body improves the condition, both dry and oily skin. Improves the complexion, rejuvenates the skin, keeps it supple and fresh even in old age.

Especially recommended for dry and Mature or aging skin.

Contains a lot of unsaponifiable substances, including vitamin E, which is a natural antioxidant that slows cell aging and eliminating inflammation on the skin. Has great penetrating ability and helps to eliminate harmful substances from the body and skin.

Suitable for daily skin care of face and hands.

As a massage oil it hard. But in combination with other it is perfectly heals wounds, scars, removes unevenness on the skin. Good to use with dermatitis. Sunburns. Perfectly restores the skin texture. Improves blood circulation

- premature aging of the skin, to eliminate wrinkles on the neck, face, especially around the eyes ;

- wound healing, skin and mucous membranes after injuries, erosions, burns and inflammations;

- strengthens the walls of capillaries;

- long-term use prevents skin dryness during menopause, caused by lack of female hormones;

- has excellent regenerative, moisturizing and smoothing properties;

- refreshes the skin, aligning its color and relief;

- painted, damaged, loose (dry and brittle) hair;

- natural UV filter;

- helps eliminate itching, flaking;

different dermatitis;

- for acne, problematic and contaminated skin;

- fading and roughness of the skin;

- cracked, rough and chapped lips;

the cracks on the palms and in the corners of the lips;

- assists the hardening of the nipples before the baby is born.

- prevents stretch marks and helps to eliminate already existing fresh stretch marks after pregnancy and changing body weight. Preventive measure against stretch marks and loss of skin tone;

- solar and home burns.

Methods of application:

it is recommended to mix it with lighter oils - almond, peach, apricot, grapeseed.

Massage: Use at a concentration of 5-10 %.(desirable)

When you spend hard cellulite massage problem areas of the skin.

Masks and applications: With aging, flabby, tired and wrinkled skin.
 and lips to lubricate the skin 2-3 times a day, gently massaging.

Mask for hair loss: massage the scalp for 15-20 minutes before washing.Oil for hand care: Eliminates peeling, minor damage, gives the skin of the hands softness, elasticity, firmness.  Lubricate, do a light massage after each hand wash.

 Precautions: Individual intolerance to wheat germ oil.  Do not use a high concentration solution for people suffering from allergies.

  Storage conditions: 18 months, store in an airtight tightly closed dark container in a cool place.  After opening, store only in the refrigerator.

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