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Ylang Ylang Essential Oil 30 ml

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil 30 ml
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The essential oil of ylang-ylang has long been known for its exquisite aroma and complex beneficial effects on the human body.
Ylang-ylang – the origin of the legendary exotic product

The natives of the Philippine archipelago since ancient times to treat high flowers of the tree Kananga and called them Ylang-ylang "Flower of flowers". The petals used for the treatment of infectious diseases including skin lesions, a cold, malaria. Noticing at the same time invigorating and intoxicating effects of unearthly fragrance, the flowers of ylang-ylang used in marriage ceremonies.

First oil produced on the island of Luzon in the distant 1860. A valuable perfume product in 1978 became a favorite of the Paris world exhibition.
Characteristics of oil:

 The essential oil of ylang-ylang oil is produced the traditional way – hydrodistillation (by steam distillation) flowers gathered in the early summer dawn.
 Butter gentle pale yellow hue has a flowable consistency. Rich aroma is characterized by elaborate floral and caramel base with a note of exotic spices.

Cosmetic properties of ylang-ylang

In cosmetics active use of useful properties, which is rich in ylang ylang. Price are specialized cosmetics is quite high. To save your money, and at the same time to provide the care of the skin by adding a few drops of oil to your favorite cream. Using this mixture, it is possible to solve a number of tasks for efficient and careful care of a skin of any type, including porous and sensitive:

 to balance the production of sebum and to normalize the oiliness of the skin;
 to soften and moisturize dry skin;
 to smooth wrinkles, slow down their education;
 to get rid of acne;
 to cool the body and to fix a tan after sunbathing;
 to ensure the renewal of cells in upper and deeper layers of the skin;
 give the surface of the skin a healthy appearance and velvety smooth texture.

A few drops of this product added to hair masks and nail to impart a strengthening and regenerating properties.
Curative effect

The most significant healing properties of the components of essential oil of ylang-ylang is to neutralize the harmful effects of stress. A relaxing bath with a couple drops of oil, added sea salt helps relieve stress caused by strong negative emotions or extreme situation that helps to stabilize mood and life rhythms.

A positive impact on the cardiovascular system is expressed as an antispasmodic and anticonvulsant properties.The use of a drop of funds in aroma-medallion contributes to a smooth normalization of blood pressure, helps to get rid of headaches, symptoms of cyclic or menopausal origin.

 Adding 3-5 drops of oil to the massage tool will help relax the muscles and increase the effectiveness of the procedure.
 The effect of the aroma of oil on the psycho-emotional state

 Ayurveda teachings attribute ylang-ylang to the element of Air.  It is believed that the fragrance opens up access to positive energy, attracts love, helps to reveal talents and fulfill oneself.

 Essential oil is successfully used in aromatherapy, due to its ability to perform two functions:
 Aphrodisiac.  The aroma causes a slight euphoria, relieves self-doubt, stimulates the manifestation of tenderness and sensuality.
 Antidepressant.  The impact of the etheric components helps relieve nervousness, suspiciousness, suspicion, and get rid of obsessive nightly fears and insomnia.

 In everyday life, the ylang ylang essential oil is used as a repellent and deodorant.  A couple of drops in the aroma lamp located in the room will help get rid of unpleasant odors, prevent the appearance of mosquitoes, cleanse and aromatize the air.

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